work lunch party

We went to Lucas and Kim’s house today for Abe’s team meeting lunch. One of the new wives I met is a competitive bikini model. I liked her so much. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Qualtrics wife because most Qualtrics women (wives or employees) all look like they could have stepped right off a runway. And in today’s case–she actually does! I actually enjoyed learning about her sport and visiting with everyone. Of course we forgot to take pictures.

This evening Lydia and I went on a mommy-daughter date. She blooms into the most delightful child I have ever met when she gets one-on-one attention. We went to the bookstore and picked out books because we finally hit our five hundred book mark on our book project. It took us about three months to read the first four hundred…and then Ammon was born. It’s taken five months to read the most recent one hundred. There are plenty of days that go by where I simply do not read to my kids at all. I figured we should celebrate the fact that we made it this far, so we bought a bunch of new books.

Then we came home and read them before bed. I started reading The Secret Garden to the girls tonight.  I have never read the book before, though, so I really don’t know what to expect. I remember loving the movie, but I can’t remember anything other than that.


Mary reading before bed.

Mary reading before bed.

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