Dinner with the Harmons

Well, we’ve been sick again. I can barely breathe. I had this theory that if we cut out sugar, we would all be healthy. It worked! …And then St. Patrick’s Day came around, the leprechauns came, and it all went downhill. Ugh.

I took Ammon to the dentist this morning, and the good news is that the dentist does not think he will have to cut Ammon’s tongue tie. He says Ammon has enough mobility in his tongue to get him through. If Ammon has speech problems, he will revisit the question in first grade.

I took a picture of the girls in the waiting room of the dentists. Everything is so kid friendly in Utah.


We had ballet today. I took Ammon to the toy store while the girls were in ballet. He had fun watching the train do circles on a ceiling track.

Then this evening we had dinner at the Harmons’. Blair has decorated their house perfectly and I had fun looking in all of her closets and touring each room. We also love visiting with that family. Blair is the easiest person to unburden myself to, and Steve is really funny and easy going. The girls enjoyed a night nestled up with technology. (Steve and Blair’s little boy is only 10 months, so that means no toys for the girls.)

Now I am about to collapse into a Nyquil induced coma. Can’t wait.

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