Lydia’s harp lesson

This morning got off to a slow start because I was absorbed in personal email. The girls snuck Easter candy and watched videos on my phone while I was writing. Lydia is obsessed with Charlie Brown and talks nonstop about how she wishes Lucy were real so she could take her to church and teach her to be nice.

After I got going, Mary went outside to play with bubbles. It started raining and she played in the mud. Afterward I carried her straight to a warm bubble bath.

Then I took a nap and made dinner in record time. I was so proud of myself. Cooking school was sort of worth it after all! We sped through dinner because Lydia had her first harp lesson today. I adore her teacher. She is basically the perfect Suzuki instructor–strict, kind, organized, and technique driven. Lydia announced afterward that she was bored by the lesson. I told her that was the whole point. (A slight exaggeration, but I really think boredom, repetition, and rigor are healthy additions to her otherwise charmed life.)

After that we went to Salt Lake for some blitz errands. I forgot to return some seriously overdue library books yesterday while we were in Salt Lake.  Oops.

Tomorrow is a huge day for Abe. He finds out whether he will hit his quota or not. He has never missed, and but this quarter has been really tough. Then we have an eventful meeting at church in the evening. He has a lot of surprises coming his way tomorrow.


IMG_5306IMG_5314Abe let Ammon “drive” the car while I did errands.

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