“Hall, no! We won’t go!”

Abe has a ton of work tomorrow night and I have book club, so we went on our date tonight instead. First we went to his Aunt Andrea’s Provo neighborhood to protest a real estate development that threatens to overrun her neighborhood. While we were there, who should we spot but an old Chicago friend–who just happens to be the architect for the developer!

He gave us the other side of the story, and I must say that when I heard his point of view, I no longer felt inclined to chant the “protests” of the crowd. I put quotations on “protests” because, this being Provo, the crowd was listening politely to speeches and then responding with a chorus of “thank-yous” to surrounding neighborhoods and “no-thank-yous” to the developer. Occasionally someone would call out “Hall no! We won’t go!” –the doulbe entendre made possible by the developer’s plans to build, among other things, a hall.


Then we went to the temple. I was supposed to go to a homeschool group tonight but I was just craving the temple instead. Abe and I have been taking turns going, so it was really nice to finally just go together.

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