Happy Father’s Day, Abe!!

Let me just pay tribute to the unsung hero of this blog. His name is Abe, and he is the absolute backbone of our family. I often refer to him as our resident adult. In his capable hands, our family thrives. We each adore him.

Abe not only works hard every day to provide for us, but when he comes home he changes diapers, cleans messes, entertains children, and puts children to bed. It is actually embarrassing how much work he does on top of his packed and exhausting work day. But he comes home, rolls his sleeves up, and starts in on helping wherever he can. He is a wonder.

On top of that he serves faithfully in the Church and loves God with his whole heart. Just five minutes ago he started exclaiming over the pictures in his brand new scripture set and brought them over to me so we could examine the photos of New Testament locations together. His favorite hobby is, no joke, studying the scriptures and writing essays about what they mean to him. Whenever he has an iota of free time, he can be counted on to be in front of his open scriptures, studying and writing as he ponders the Word. He is a good man.

Mary independently started calling Abe her “bud” about a year ago, and the term has stuck. Whenever she needs extra comfy comfort, she plaintively requests to be with her bud. When her bud comes home, she squeals for joy and runs straight to him. She knows she is safe and loved with her bud.

Lydia and Ammon likewise adore their dad, lighting up when they see him for the first time in a day. Ammon always responds to Abe’s voice or presence with a happy smile. They are lucky, and if they haven’t figured that part out yet, at least they know they have the greatest dad ever.

I could not ask for a better father for our children. I’m so lucky he belongs to us!

Happy Father’s Day, Abe!

We went to the Miners' tonight and they kindly celebrated my birthday.

We went to the Miners’ tonight and they kindly celebrated my birthday.

Ammon was entranced by the cake.

Ammon was entranced by the cake.



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