Our butterfly garden attracted butterflies today! The girls were excited. I could not take a picture of Mary because I put undies on her today…and she pooped in them. For the rest of the day she was pantless.

But I got a picture of Lydia grinning by the garden:

IMG_6147On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we spend the whole morning at the yoga studio. If I am ever going to have another baby, I need to lose weight, and yoga is one of my tickets to that goal. This is, in part, how I justify this use of time and money.

I spent most of the rest of the day reading my book, Dear Life, by Alice Munro. Lured in by the shiny Nobel Prize on the cover, I bought it a couple months ago. I have had to repeatedly refer back to the prize in complete befuddlement. Some of the stories are so cliché and predictable that they boggle the mind. But the book has gotten progressively better. I am just about finished, and I will have no trouble parting with at at a neighborhood yard sale this Saturday.

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